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Gutian United Growth Technology Co. Ltd. (for short, GUG) is a professional consulting company providing the advanced PLM / MOM solutions and consulting services covering the whole process of the product life cycle, to help you improve product competition.

As distributors of the leading simulation software companies in the world, GUG introduces customers the unique, state-of-the-art, and innovative engineering solutions effectively integrated into customers' product development process.

Staff of GUG is well educated with years engineering experiences in the main manufacturing industries.

Working together with many famous universities, research institutes and industrial partners, GUG is highly recognized by the customers in the main manufacturing industries, such as aerospace, auto, shipbuilding and electro-mechanical engineering.

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                       Beijing Gutian United Growth Technology Co.Ltd. 
                       Room 411, New Land Plaza 
                       No.58, FuCheng Rd., Haidian District 
                       Beijing 100142, China 
                       Tel: 86-10-88140151  Fax: 86-10-88140153
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